About Me

Aside being a serial entrepreneur, and an avid investor; I’m a digital marketing strategist and tech is my sweet spot; I help second career professionals building the business of their dreams by taking over all the tech and strategy so they can focus on what they love to do.

I am an Online Business Savvy.


One of the biggest challenges that online business owners, specifically service providers, face, it’s trying to have clear goals, plan, and a perfect step-by-step blueprint to succeed. This is "the why" I set up this platform to help you start - finish.

Networking. Whole Lot More

A Business Networking Expert.

I believe with so much information at our fingertips, we need less courses; but more connection. Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs need someone to understand their business, struggles, and someone to guide them through.

Join Onetwork & grow exponentially in your online business.

Friend of Solopreneurs.

I work with solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, helping them with marketing strategy, implementation, staying sane and holding onto the belief in themselves and their vision.


I am an Artistic and Techy Person.

I specialized in Visual Branding, and Design to give businesses and brands a warm and moody vibe for their visual online presence.

Happy Faces of Happy Business Owners.

I've helped business owners with tools to build an audience, persuade and influence, increase sales, establish credibility and so much more - You too can join them and get your business done right!